The idea started when Max was trying to connect with other up and coming Actors to share tips.
You can track the ups & downs of two up & c oming Actors with each episode while gaining insights into what really happens behind the scenes in addition to being a great resource for other Actors.

Max Belmonte
Producer & Co-Host

Max Belmonte
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  • Max Belmonte started Acting in the mid 90's on the Gold Coast in Australia. He was also an FM DJ for five years. Then he took off on a corporate career and after a brief 20 year break is now back!
    Acting, Voice Overs, Presenting to Camera and constantly working on his Acting tool kit.

    Sam Folden

    Sam Folden
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    Sam Folden is not only an Actor, but a singer as well.
    He is consistently cast in Musicals and has experience on set.
    His enthusiasm ensures he always has a project on the go!