Two Unemployed Actors

What actually happens behind the scenes.

Follow Max Belmonte on his journey through auditions and projects across Commercials, Theatre, Voice Overs, TV, and Film.

WIth special guest interviews from Award winning Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Hollywood Directors, Actors and more.

Recent Episodes

It's the 100th Episode!! Time for a look back at all the highlights...

March 13, 2023

It's the 100th Episode!!!!! Let's take a look back on all the highlights. Max also updates us on the next project...

Acting Coach Anthony Meindl & Two Unemployed Actors – Episode 99

Aug. 10, 2022

- The business of Acting - What are Actors struggling with the most - The new book ‘Unstuck’ - How Unstuck can help other creatives - How do you remove the blocks that get in our way - The importance of defining what su…

Two Unemployed Actors and Actor Damien Strouthos - Episode 98

Aug. 2, 2022

Max interviews Actor DAMIEN STROUTHOS  -       What is it like working with a great cast like Sam Niell, Marta Dusseldorp and Kate Mulvaney -       How do you bring more to your character than was on the page. -    …

Actor Harriet Gordon – Anderson & Two Unemployed Actors - Episode 97

July 6, 2022

Max interviews Actor Harriet Gordon – Anderson  -       Hamlet v the plague -       From academic graduate to WAAPA -       Navigating through the industry -       Approaching a character from featured guest in T…

Two Unemployed Actors with Shane Withington - Episode 96

June 15, 2022

Max interviews Home & Away Actor Shane Withington - The great training ground that is working on set of Home & Away - How to set up for success on a television series - Playing ‘John Palmer” on Home & Away for over 14 yea…

Acting with Coach Miranda Harcourt & Two Unemployed Actors - Episode 95

June 8, 2022

Max interviews Acting Coach Miranda Harcourt - How Miranda works with Directors like Jane Campion, Peter Jackson, Taika Waititi and emerging Directors. - How to build chemistry fast - What are actors consistently asking …

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