Two Unemployed Actors

Season 3

Showreel Audition Selftape Selftest Voiceover Presenting Social Media Strategy

Episode 79

July 9, 2021

- Max is in lockdown and Sam is busy moving but there is still projects to update you on - A strange request from an old project - Its lockdown land but Max still gets an audition request - Another shoot involving a car b…

Short Films

Episode 78

June 28, 2021

- MAX's latest projects - SAM's film Cooked is finished - We talk Tenet, Triple Frontier, self tape tips, and more... Episode Page: An Add Kulcha…

Episode 77

June 17, 2021

- How is Max so busy with Acting projects? Whats the secret? - SAM lists all the things you keep your Agent updated about - We talk about the new Netflix show Sweet Tooth

Episode 76

June 9, 2021

- What happens when MAX ignores last weeks advice to 'follow your gut'?! -We talk about A Quiet Place II

Episode 75

June 3, 2021

- A creepy job every Actor has to avoid! - MAX getting work while being vaccinated - What's got MAX so angry? - SAM's Showreel is ready!

Episode 74

May 26, 2021

- The new power of Linkedin for creatives - SAM's audition with ATYP - MAX is all about Presenting to Camera

Episode 73

May 20, 2021

- Insights from George Miller and Tim Minchin at the Sydney Writers Festival - The right Warm ups for Actors - Screenwriting tips

Episode 72

April 28, 2021

- What happened with Max's audition? - We talk about the Sydney Writers Festival - Who is learning how to put a screenplay together???

Episode 71

April 22, 2021

- Max has an audition - Sam's streaming update - Movie reviews and more...

Episode 70

April 9, 2021

- Debried on SAMS Feature Film - For what role did MAX have to buy a sex toy? - What to do after your big project ends...

Episode 69

March 24, 2021

- Why we skipped recording last week - SAMs Feature Film update - MAXs opening night gets closer - CGI doesnt work in theatre

Episode 68

March 11, 2021

- What to do 2 weeks before a play - Feature film, survival job, podcast equals tired SAM. - MAXs Voiceover Nerd moment!

Episode 67

Feb. 25, 2021

- SAMs Feature Film update - MAXs play - Which social media platform gave the showreel the most views - Andy Kaufman and more...

Episode 66

Feb. 17, 2021

- Its an episode dedicated to Social Media for Actors - What are you doing based on feedback - What you might be missing out on - What you should be doing

Episode 64

Jan. 27, 2021

- SAM explain why he has been away - MAX talks about his presenting to camera gig and the play rehearsal - We talk about movies, TV Shows and the production company Made Up Stories.

Episode 63

Jan. 20, 2021

- Interviewing Actor and Psychologist Simon Ward - Dealing with Social Media as an Actor - Common issues Actors reach out on - What the industry needs to do to help - When to seek help as an Actor

Episode 62

Jan. 14, 2021

- Saying NO to the wrong project - Process from Marketing department through Agencies to Actors - How I set my rates as an Actor